• Question: Are you interested in the Big Bang ?

    Asked by view356zip to Nicolas, Emma, Declan, Bella, Ali on 19 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Bella Boulderstone

      Bella Boulderstone answered on 19 Jun 2019:

      Absolutely. I really enjoy learning about cosmology – the study about how everything got to be the way it is (on a really, really, really big scale).

    • Photo: Declan Jonckers

      Declan Jonckers answered on 19 Jun 2019:

      Not really. I’m more interested in what our universe looks like right now than what it looked like at the beginning.

    • Photo: Nicolas Bonne

      Nicolas Bonne answered on 20 Jun 2019:

      Without the big bang, there wouldn’t be a Universe (or galaxies to study, or a ‘me’ to study them, or a ‘you’ to ask awesome questions) so yes, but I mostly focus on galaxies that are nearby, which means we’re seeing what they were doing not very long ago. Because they’re nearby, we can also study them in much greater detail.