• Question: Does your partial blindness stop you doing certain things?

    Asked by CoreyFrench08 to Nicolas, Bella on 20 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Bella Boulderstone

      Bella Boulderstone answered on 20 Jun 2019:

      I only wear glasses, I think you intended to send this to Nicolas only.

    • Photo: Nicolas Bonne

      Nicolas Bonne answered on 20 Jun 2019:

      I can’t drive (well, I can, but not legally 🙂 ) but otherwise not really. Modern technology is pretty amazing, so there are lots of things I can use to help me do the same things as everybody else. I use a big screen and software that reads things out to use a computer, I get around with the help of my guide dog, etc. When I was younger I was a bit more adventurous. I used to play lots of sports, go on hikes etc.