• Question: How long did it take you to become a PhD student??

    Asked by Itz_Adams to Nicolas, Laurence, Emma, Declan, Bella, Ali on 11 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Emma Davies

      Emma Davies answered on 11 Jun 2019:

      To become a PhD student you need a degree at University. My degree took me 4 years, and after that I applied for a PhD and was lucky to be offered one at Imperial College in London.

    • Photo: Bella Boulderstone

      Bella Boulderstone answered on 11 Jun 2019:

      Emma’s got this one pretty much covered. You need a degree to do a PhD and it took me four years to get one of those. Then I did another year of university (optional!) and applied to about 15 PhD places (most people don’t apply to nearly as many), I was offered a couple and decided to the one I’m working on now!

    • Photo: Nicolas Bonne

      Nicolas Bonne answered on 11 Jun 2019:

      Its the same in Australia as well. Most people do a three year bachelor’s degree at University, then follow that up with either a one year Honours year (which involves doing research, kind of like a mini-PhD) or a two year Masters degree. I actually took a bit longer to do my PhD though, as I stopped my first try at one after 2 and a half years. I did a few other things for 3 years after that, and then started a completely new PhD. I finished that one in four years.

    • Photo: Laurence Datrier

      Laurence Datrier answered on 11 Jun 2019:

      I did 5 years of university before starting my PhD! But some people have different paths. In my field there are a lot of people who work at LIGO for a few years before starting their PhD.

    • Photo: Ali Hussain

      Ali Hussain answered on 12 Jun 2019: last edited 21 Jun 2019 11:33 am

      I don’t know the game, but you just encouraged me to look it up.
      that was meant for another question

      I did my MPhys in 4yrs at the University of Southampton. I did my IB in Sweden before that.